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226/97 on usmle

By Med stu - Tuesday, May 3, 2011 No Comments

A disclaimer: none of these are my study method its information that was shared online which im sharing here with everyone
Got my score: 226/97
So, I got my score today..., exactly on the 3rd Wednesday after taking the test: it's 226/97!
I personally think I could have done better but I'm an "old" IMG and I'm pretty excited that I passed in the first attempt as I had some major drawbacks here and there.

My background:
Graduated over 10 yrs ago..., yeah 'old', even if I don't feel that old. Completed residency in Europe and have been working in Europe for over 10 years in a University setting hospital, so I'm used to study, keep up with the newest stuff and so on, just not used to preclinical material AT ALL.

Started in October 2010 - March 2011 (6 months).
Average 6 hours/day - 5 days a week. I have a family to take care of, husband, kid, etc. so no weekend study or afternoon study for me. Plus, I've been pregnant the whole time, did the test being in my 8th month (Shock..., yeah, it's doable!) Some major drawbacks because of personal issues which resulted in less studying hours than wanted.

Kaplan lecture notes. Went through them twice. For Pathology I did Goljan, although I'm not a big fan of this book actually (I know everybody seems to be, just not the right format for me I guess); for micro did CMMRS (love that book!).
Did FA the last 3 weeks (had been taken notes in them during my second Kaplan LN review).
Last day before the test I did review some histology slides online and some radiology images for Anatomy. Easy stuff that I wanted to keep in mind and I didn't want to 'study' that day but take it easy and give my brain a bit of rest before the big day.

UW Q bank: self paced, tutor mode. 61% first time pass. Afterwards reviewed again some of the Q I got wrong but not too many because of time issues.

UWSE1: 490/216 (3 weeks before)
UWSE2: 520/224 (1.5 weeks before)

Did not do NMBE or anything else.
Didn't sleep the day before the test..., I wanted to badly but just couldn't. I didn't feel nervous but I guess I must have been. Got like 3 hours of sleep that night, tops.

Day of the test:
arrived like an hour early, I had a longer drive with rush hour being around that time so I decided to be on the safe side and leave earlier.
Staff at Prometric was fantastic; easy check in, just as explained here and on their site. Very professional. No issues with the equipment (PC, headphones).
My plan was to take 3 blocks and then the first break but I couldn't, so I took 2, took a break and had a fruit, took 2, had lunch break, took 2, went to stretch my legs, took 2, snack and then 1 block + the questionnaire. Had enough time for my breaks, usually short except for my 'lunch break' (ate some sandwiches and fruit and drank a bit of water). I have to say, the time after lunch is the worst..., and no caffeine for me (and there's no vendors machine close to the site I went)..., got really tired but then it got better after the next break.

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