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My Step 1 experience 258/89

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I got my score 258/89 (the 89 is not a mistake  ) and i would like to share my experience with you all
First of all I would like to thank all the forum members who helped me by posting important questions and answers. It help me increase my knowledge many fold.

I will start by describing about myself.
I am a International medical student from India and will be graduating in 2012.

Time it took me to study for step 1: 7 months

Books used( subject wise ) 
Anatomy : KLN with videos, Langmans embryology (not required) and FA
Biochemistry : KLN ( watched videos only for genetics) and FA
Physiology : KLN with videos and FA
Microbiology : KLN , clinical microbiology made simple and FA
Immunology : KLN and FA
Pathology : Goljans RR + Goljan audio and FA
Pharmacology : KLN with videos and FA
Behavioral sciences and Biostats : KLN with videos , Conrad Fischer 100 cases (only questions) and FA

Question Banks used in order ( with scores )
Kaplan Step 1 qbank (70 %)
Uworld (79 %)
Free questions along with Goljan (87 %)

NBME given in order ( with scores )
NBME 7 : 6 weeks before (580 "240")
NBME 11 : 20 days before ( 590 "242")
NBME 12 : 3 days before ( 640 " 254")

Started in march with a plan to read all subject except patho from KLN along with videos. Planned to complete first reading of every subject from KLN within 15 days.
Started of well finishing Anatomy with videos in 15 days.
Biochemistry: lecture videos where very boring so I skipped videos and
finished the subject in around 16 to 17 days. Watched Genetics
videos along with KLN.
Physiology : Took me around 22 days to read KLN and videos all together.
Immunolology : Finished in 8 days without videos from KLN
Microbiology : Read CMMRS instead of KLN. It took me 15 days
Pathology : Read goljan RR instead of KLN along with goljan audio.Took me 30
Pharmacology : Read KLN along with videos. Completed in 13 days.
Behavioral sciences : Read KLN and watched videos. Completed in 15 days

So in all it took me approximately 4 and half months to finish my first reading. It took me so long cause I did take lots of days off in between plus had my internship going on. You can definately finish off earlier 

I had started Kaplan qbank after completing immunology. Did FA while reviewing questions. Did kaplan qbank subject wise timed (i.e started off with anat+bio+phy+immuno) and added each subject as I completed them

Planned to read second time from KLN (no videos) throughout with each subject only for 7 days.
Anatomy : Completed as planned
Biochem : Completed as planned
Physiology : Completed as planned
Immuno and microbiology : Completed as planned
Pharmacology : Completed as planned plus read extra points from FA
Pathology : Read only general pathology. Was very bored to read RR again 
read only hematology from RR ( my favorite part).
Behavioral science : Read from FA instead and read some missing chapter from
KLN ( eg human developement)

I didn't feel the need to go through patho again as I had read FA numerous times while solving questions from QBank.

Had started Uworld after this.My graph in Uworld kept on rising with some falls in between ( attached my graph  )
I used to keep on visiting this forum for questions. I was weak in behavioral science so made it a point to see all questions from the forum.

In the last month went through FA twice from cover to cover with images.
Completed Fischers 100 cases and used webpath for images.
8 Days before I started with the free questions with Goljan RR.
Gave form 12 3 days before exam

I tried to match my body clock for the exam 7 days before. Used to go to bed at 9 pm  and wake up by 6am. This helped me a lot during the exam day.

I ended the exam with 35 minutes of break time remaining and was not at all stressed during the exam. Its an easy exam all you need is

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